Quick Peek into Sanaa’s World…

Watch our new video!

Dear Friends,

We love our fans, our friends and want to share more of our story as we continue on this journey! The main mission and purpose behind the prints I create is to add some happiness to people’s daily lives.
Read more about the inspiration behind ZHC on the ‘About Us’ page.

Wondering who is crooning so wistfully and intelligently in the
background of my ZH Collection video? None other than Eliane
truly a force of nature.

The video was put together by the talented stylings of Very Nice
a media and creative powerhouse (of two) with heart
and soul.


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One response to “Quick Peek into Sanaa’s World…

  1. We love it. Samina and I both saw this video today in Chennai in your grandmother’s place. Your Mom is so proud of you and we can see why. Believe it or not, we are your uncle and aunt. More later insha’Allah. This is just to say that we love your stuff. It’s brilliant and original and very uplifting to the spirit.

    PS: Your dad is also my cousin. Small world, eh!!

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