ZH Collection is an artist-driven print line that manufactures textile prints and makes limited edition accessories. Its ever-growing library of original prints (created by Sanaa Hyder) depicts a youthful artistic style which is contemporary, sentimental, evocative and fun.  Our prints can be used on a range of home and interior decor products that we are hoping to develop over the next year.

About Sanaa:

My artwork is a testament to my magical childhood. Having lived in several countries, I was exposed at an early age to an
incredible mixture of things: art galleries, stinky cheeses, the summers of Italy, growing cherries in Tehran, making daisy-chains in my front yard in a London suburb, going for jeep rides in the desert dunes – and making igloos when the snow exceeded 2 feet.

Sanaa Hyder

The art I make for ZH Collection is a reflection of the youth I delight in and which nourishes and reminds the grown-up me to be curious and excited about each day and to never actually ‘grow up’. Life is hard (for sure) – my goal is to share a slice of
magic with you – something from a more innocent time. I want to remind you that youth is an attitude and that its the little
things that make it all worthwhile.

On my way to adulthood, my travels also exposed me to a lot of poverty and pain. As such, I cannot work without considering the effect I can have (however small) on causes that are meaningful to me.

They say happiness is belonging to a bigger cause. Be assured that the art we bring you is informed by these deep-seated

I hope that our prints make you smile. That’s the entire mission of ZH Collection.

Shop our handbag collection at our online boutique: www.zhcollection.com.