ZH Collection: Bold, whimsical print generation by artist Sanaa Hyder

Online Boutique:

ZH Collection’s products feed our customer’s need for a fun and intelligent brand. We currently sell a limited collection of handbags on our retail site: Our customers include women, men and children who are seeking a unique product with a lasting value. Through our interactions with our market, we know how much they appreciate our bold designs and sensible pricing. We fulfill our customers’ needs for unique yet functional products that add joy to their lives.

Manufacturing and Wholesale

Our company is artist-run and focuses on creative output. However, we also have the ability to make and sell our printed textiles in volume. The strength of our manufacturing lies in the printing and accessories market. Therefore, our capabilities are focused on printed textiles, handbags, and other soft home goods such as:


Throw pillows

Printed home fabrics

Interior design textiles

Prints and Licensing

Our prints are unique and identifiable: All our prints are hand-drawn and original artwork by Sanaa Hyder. Our print library is large and, therefore, we can offering unique prints to our collaborators.

  • Our wide assortment of prints means access to a lively collection of possibilities: different color-ways or even unique prints from our proprietary library.

ZH Collection’s prints, illustrations and graphics are ideal for a variety of products:


Paper goods


Greeting cards

Children’s Decor



Contact us to receive more information on our wholesale business or if you are interested in licensing/ viewing our portfolio of prints.


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