Past Work & Links

We love collaborating with other companies, individuals and organizations. Here are the creative results of a few recent projects:

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The Young Professional's Society for the Arts, Card by Sanaa Hyder

The Young Professional’s Society for the Arts was created by Michael Ascher, MD. ZHC created a new card design for the Society that depicts the New York City-based art and charity projects that are at the core of this organization’s mission. Check out the website for upcoming musical events and networking sessions in NYC.

Owl Logo by Sanaa Hyder for the J-SPI (Junior Suicide Prevention International), the new branch of SPI. The Junior Committee of Suicide Prevention International (JSPI) works with its parent organization, Suicide Prevention International (SPI), to bring the benefits of scientific knowledge to programs that provide help for those who are suicidal or those who have lost a loved one to suicide. SPI is the leading not-for-profit organization developing, implementing, and funding suicide prevention projects in the United States and worldwide. SPI was founded by Dr. Herbert Hendin.

Sanaa created the Owl Logo for JSPI in order to bring a recognizable, approachable and distinct image to the organization. The playful owl logo is meant to represent the bird’s wisdom and ability to see in the dark – as it applies to JSPI’s mission. Sanaa is a member of the Junior Board of SPI and is active in SPI/JSPI events, planning and growth. Please visit the website in order to donate to our research-based cause or to participate in our events.

A Holiday Card for Rubik Marketing by Sanaa Hyder

Rubik Marketing’s Holiday Card Rubik Marketing is a great marketing, branding, sponsorship and event production firm founded by Diane Nicoletti. These Holiday Cards were designed specifically for a special holiday mailing to Rubik Marketing’s clients – featuring Rubik’s brand colors and Sanaa’s unique drawings.  ZHC loves and admires Rubik Marketing.

Prints created for Babson College by Sanaa Hyder

Babson College Prints Sanaa and the ZHC team hail from Babson College’s entrepreneurial halls. When Babson College was seeking unique prints for gift items to special guests, Sanaa created a series of prints using Babson’s logo, motto and mascot.Of course, the ZHC Team truly understands Babson College’s brand and in many ways personifies its mission. Sanaa and ZHC enjoy the support of such a wonderful college.

Wesbite design for Denali Four

Denali Four is a clothing and accessories company based in New York. Their mission is to source luxury,  artisan-made items from women’s cooperatives or individual crafts-makers in South America. Denali Four hired ZHC to design and set up an easy-to-use online store that would help their business grow beyond their wholesale offerings and attract retail customers. The Denali Four website offered the management team control over their web presence and allowed Amy McCracken to showcase her business and mission online.