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Spring’s patterns, colors and trends

Another sunny season brings with it a resurgence of vibrant colors in all areas of consumer goods (home accessories, children’s toys, books covers and textile prints). Just in the past few weeks, we’ve seen color and design as the center of attention in the Times Style Magazine, the Home Section from last week (on children’s bedding) and this past weekend’s Sunday Style Section (on patterns and graphics seen on the streets).

In addition, there are the usual array of stimulating colors and modern designs in magazines like Martha Stewart’s Living, RealSimple and even in the handful of catalogs (Crate and Barrel, etc..) that loyally arrive by mail each month. These covers, articles and blogs now display so much spirit (finally), that its tough to throw them away. That pea-green vase  – even though it’s just a picture – does indeed add some joy to my desk/floor/kitchen table.

Snapshot of the present

While sites like Etsy, Blik, ModCloth.com and Threadless long-ago pointed out the secret and wonderful world of original art and crafty, affordable design, it seems like larger retailers are catching on. My hope is that we never again spend our money on anything beige or that large manufacturers veer away from the $900 handbag (unless it truly is worth it in labor and design cost).

This brings me to a related topic: responsibility. Now that we are post-Magnetar, I hope that small and large entrepreneurs alike can make a decision to be honest and forthcoming about their products, ingredients and dealings. We all have that Paulson part of our soul that likes money and full health coverage, but do we need to give in to that morally ambiguous type of business? I can understand stealing from the rich to give to the poor, but I cannot condone duping our community in order to buy oneself more Chanel dresses. If  you’re going to a swanky party – get a Parsons student to design you a one-of-a-kind piece! It will change both your lives.

The one globally-recognized person who truly embraces this concept of fair competition and of nurturing good behavior is Tim Gunn. He gave a great interview on the Leonard Lopate show (March 31st) on NPR where he underlined the importance of good character and of self-improvement: traits without which all other endeavors lose their flavor. Keep an eye out for the Tim-inspired print on my new handbag collection that’s coming out soon.

I spend most of my time making illustrations, reading widely and visiting other blogs,  so I don’t issue my thoughts on trends as often as I would like. However, I do have another Art Magazine coming out which will feature a lot of new prints, ideas and inspiration for the months to come.

In the meantime, something to look at:

Pollen in Spring by Sanaa Hyder


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little buds

Blue buds print by Sanaa Hyder

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Quick Peek into Sanaa’s World…

Watch our new video!

Dear Friends,

We love our fans, our friends and want to share more of our story as we continue on this journey! The main mission and purpose behind the prints I create is to add some happiness to people’s daily lives.
Read more about the inspiration behind ZHC on the ‘About Us’ page.

Wondering who is crooning so wistfully and intelligently in the
background of my ZH Collection video? None other than Eliane
truly a force of nature.

The video was put together by the talented stylings of Very Nice
a media and creative powerhouse (of two) with heart
and soul.

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